where did all the money go?

Retail Environments, POS, and POP Displays

Design is not art. A designer is an artist with constraints. A true artist can create whatever he wants in his studio (or whatever she wants in her studio) without considering the real world. Designers choose to bring that sensibility to the world so that a little beauty can come to even unappreciated industries. Even with the surging dominance in commerce by on-line providers like Amazon and Wayfair, people still go to stores. It is still nice if that experience is pleasant. To that end, designers like myself avoid value judgements on retail displays and store interiors and simply try to make these ubiquitous buildings and structures better. The irony is that I've learned most of what I know about tolerances, production limitations, crating, boxing, mass production, and writing instruction sheets from my POP and retail design adventures. I can design in just about any material for just about any quantity...and keep it on budget. I enjoyed my experiences in this part of my career, but, most importantly, it taught me how you don't need to be designing skyscrapers to be successful. Successful design can come in many sizes.