One Stop Shop

I think the best way to explain my skill set is to look at a case study that digs deep into that bag of tricks. This outdoor project, converting ten acres of what used to be back yards, does just that. 

I had exciting and wide-ranging duties in making WildWoods a reality. I had to coordinate multiple trades in a tight space with almost no access to heavy machinery. I didn't shy away from the "non-sexy" stuff. I oversaw (along with our construction manager) concrete pours, steel erection, and site preparation. On the design side, I lead a team of curators and educators through the design process along with ThinkWell, a California design firm. I designed and detailed nearly all of the interactives that you see in these photographs: from bug hotels to a xylophone made from granite (a "lithophone"). Then there were the wayfinding and environmental graphics for which I lead the design and produced the construction documents. There are reams of sketch books where my ideas were puzzled out. I had lots of help, of course, from a great team.

If you want a primer on what I can do, look over my part in developing WildWoods at Fernbank Museum of Natural History.


Design & Engineering Drawings

Download files here for my drawings showing design, detailing, and sketching samples.